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Rokin Nitro Vape:

For concentrates, the Rokin Nitro vape is a quality vaporizer. To ensure that you are getting us a top-quality vapor from your product only, this all-metal vape is developed using no plastics and no fibers.

From its featured glass chamber and dual quartz titanium wire atomizer, its extra airflow system delivers the users smooth clean hits.

Buy Rokin Nitro Vape Online:

The Rokin Nitro Vaporizer hits like a champ with three different temperature settings and to suit every dab-on-the-go situation, it comes with dual quartz.

Its cool design has an overall element of sleekness and this vape is made of quality materials only. The chrome-like rose gold exterior of the Nitro pen vaporizer is quite classy and gives it that “Ferrari of vaporizers” type of feel and look.

Buy this remarkable vape pen online anywhere in the USA from “Pills Pharms“.

Rokin Nitro Vape Technical Specs:

Length  8”
Width 0.5”
Weight 16 Oz
Battery size 650mAh
Atomizer Dual quartz rod with titanium coils
Colors Rose Gold

Matte Black


Features Of Rokin Nitro Vape:

  • Used for concentrates
  • Titanium coils
  • All-metal construction 
  • Deep glass chamber
  • Dual quartz rods atomizer
  • At the top of the chamber, 4 flow holes.
  • Side airflow leak-resistant atomizer
  • Using a 650mAh variable voltage battery, 3 temperature settings.
  • Certified to the Latest FCC, CE, and RoHS standards.
  • For aromatherapy purposes.
  • 12-month warranty on the battery.


The Rokin Nitro vape pen was created with the highest standards in mind. It looks sturdy and far from fragile because of its all-metal construction.

It boasts a deep glass chamber with:

  • Titanium coils
  • Dual quartz rods
  • Excellent airflow

To prevent overheating, this vaporizer features a 10-second auto-shutoff.

 The vaporizer also features a 10-second auto-shutoff to prevent overheating

Optimal Airflow:

For optimal airflow, at the top of the chamber, this vaporizer offers two strategically placed air holes.

Deep Chamber:

The deep chamber holds a large amount of wax and the two rods and titanium coils in the chamber make for large and consistent pulls once the vape is loaded.

Quality Material:

The Rokin Nitro Vape Pen contains no plastic, dyes, and wicks. These vapes are RoHS certified thus providing a high standard vaping experience to the users.

The Nitro vape pen is lead-free and contains no hazardous materials.

Easy To Operate:

The Rokin Nitro pen features only one button on the shaft making it less complicated to operate. This single button is clicked five times to turn on and off the pen, and three times to change the temperature levels. The three temperature settings are green (low), blue (medium), and red (high) so you can easily differentiate between the temperature levels.

How To Use Rokin Nitro Vape Pen:

Thanks to the design of the Nitro pen, you can assemble the device with ease.

  1. Unscrew the top part of the vape from the atomizer
  2. With the help of provided dab tool, load the wax into the deep coil chamber.
  3. Attach the two parts.
  4. Press the start button 5 times to turn on the pen.
  5. Enjoy your vaping.

Nitro Pen Vaporizer Kit Online For Sale:

We have the original Rokin Nitro pen vaporizer for sale is discreet, compact, and will deliver you a nice and smooth vapor.

The best thing about this vape pen is its low price and simple usability.

So hurry up and order Rokin Nitro Pen Vaporizer Kit Online now!

Box Contents:

The Nitro vape kit comes complete with all the accessories needed to get started right away. The package includes:

  • Silicon Mouthpiece Cap
  • An extra dual quartz atomizer
  • Stainless Steel dap tool
  • USB ego charger
  • Silicone Container
  • Sticker

Purchase Rokin Nitro Vape Pen Online UK:

Buy Nitro Pen Vaporizer Kit online anywhere in the UK and get the original Rokin Nitro vape at the best price and with the fastest delivery service.

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