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Oozi Magnum Vape:

The Oozi Magnum vape is a variable concentrate vaporizer. To save which setting you are on after powering it off, Oozi Magnum has an easy toggle menu.

For allowing you to fully cleat it to give users a big hit, its metal stealth cap has an included carb.

Buy Oozi Magnum Vape Online USA:

If you don’t want to use the carb, the Oozi Magnum vape comes with a silicone cap. Its battery will last you longer throughout the day. You will find it easier to plug in and charge as it has a micro USB. You can also stash your pen anywhere because of its magnetic bottom.

Buy this comfortable and user-friendly vape pen online from “Pills Pharms” at the best price.

Buy Oozi Magnum Vape Online USA

Clout Oozi Magnum Online For Sale:

The Oozi Magnum by Clout is easy to handle and more discreet because it is smaller than most other capes in this design. But still, it packs the hit and battery life that everyone wants for a concentrate vaporizer.

This vape pen is very easy to use and when you turn this pen off, variable voltage settings save. Pair the magnum up with its water pipe attachment and get the power of this battery on your favorite bong if you want to put this device to use.

We have the original Oozi Magnum by Clout for sale in the USA, UK, and Canada with the fastest delivery service.

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Why Oozi Magnum Vape Is The Best Choice:

The Oozi Magnum Concentrate Vaporizer by Clout is a variable voltage extract vaporizer and is a super user-friendly device having a multitude of handy features.

To ensure you can completely clear the device and get bigger hits, a metal cap has an added carb. It gives complete control to the user over the vaporizer.

It has an easy toggle menu and after powering off, it even stores your previous settings.

Oozi Magnum is versatile and easy to plug in and charge due to its USB charging port.

These vape pens are the best. From the great outdoors to the comfort of your own home, you can use them almost anywhere.

If you just want to kick off your shoes and relax, Oozi Mangum by Clout is the perfect vape. This vaporizer puts the power into your hands for being used with both the ceramic coils and quartz.

Buy Oozi Magnum Vape Online USA

Purchase Ooze Magnum Variable Concentrate Vape Online USA:

Small pen, huge battery! While packing the power, the Oozi Magnum by Clout is designed to fit in your hands.

It delivers hits just as hard as the DL1 collection.

It has variable voltage and the battery will last longer than many other vapes.

This vape pen uses the Oozi coils and can also be used with the Oozi water pipe attachment.

Buy Clout Oozi Magnum vape online from “Pills Pharms” and receive your device at your doorstep and get the perfect hits by Oozi Magnum Concentrate vaporizer.

Box Contents:

  • Two dual quartz coils
  • Variable voltage battery
  • Silicon carb cap
  • Metal stealth cap
  • Coil cap
  • Micro USB charger
  • Extra grommets
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tool

Buy Oozi Magnum Vape Online USA

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