Honey Berry backwoods



Manufactured by ITG Brands USA and Introduced in 1981 nationally, honey berry backwoods Cigar present a classic, aromatic smoking experience with their unique structure and look with a tapered body, frayed end and unfinished head. 

Infused with Caribbean basin seed, the cigars by Honey Berry Backwoods are crafted from all-natural tobacco for a unique smoke.

Buy Backwoods Honey Berry Online USA:

If you want to get an air of sophistication without getting high, Buy Honey Berry Backwoods cigars online for appealing sweet aromatic fragrance expelled with every exhale giving an air of sophistication.

Backwoods Honey Berry For Sale:

Honey Berry Backwoods cigars are the number one selling all-natural cigars in the world due to their unique style, taste, and package.

They are available in many different varieties for sale.

For delivering sweet notes of delicious honey and berry flavor daily, Backwoods Honey Berry is perfect. So order yours today!

Buy Backwoods Honey Berry Online USA

Backwoods Honey Berry Specifications:

Shape Small cigar
Strength Mellow strong
Size 41/2×27
Color Brown
Country Dominican Republic 
Flavor Honey berry
Wrapper leaf Broadleaf
Wrapper origin Connecticut 
Cigarillos length  4.5 inches

Buy Backwoods Honey Berry Online USA

Where To Buy Honey Berry Cigar Backwoods:

From “Pills Pharms“, you can get the original top-quality Honey Berry Backwoods online at a low price.

For smokers, Backwoods are the most popular cigar choice. These cigars burn slowly and provide a mellow flavor as they are wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco.

To get one of the most popular sweet berry flavors with honey while smoking, buy Backwoods Honey Berry online now from ” Pills Pharms“.

Buy Backwoods Honey Berry Online USA

Backwoods Cigars vs Swishers:

With genuine Broadleaf wrapper aged one full year, Backwoods cigars are all-natural tobacco with natural sweetness.

As compared to Swishers, the Blackwoods cigars are stronger and their wrappers are easier to unwrap for other purposes. On the other hand, the wrappers on Swishers have to be split apart as opposed to unfurled making it a messy unwrapping. Plus, Swisher Sweets are milder.

Buy Backwoods Honey Berry Online USA

Taste Of Backwoods Honey Berry:

The taste offered by Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars is unforgettable. Each cigar of Backwoods is infused with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed. These cigars offer the users a chance to enjoy the delicious taste of honey and sun-ripened berries with blissful smoke.

Buy Backwoods Honey Berry Online USA

Purchase Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars UK:

The tobacco leaf used in these cigars is Connecticut Broadleaf which produces an even-burning and consistent smoke every time it is ignited.

Backwoods Honey Berry is mildly strong but not overwhelming. If you want a perfect tobacco experience with satisfying and short-lasting smoke, buy Backwoods cigars online now!

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