Absolute Extract Blackberry Cart


Absolute Extract Blackberry Cart is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a bold, memorable flavor. This strain was derived by British Columbia-based breeders Elev8 Seeds as a combination of resinous Super Silver Haze and Kimbo Kush. Blackberry Dream’s long-lasting and multidimensional effects are sure to please cannabis newcomers and veterans alike. Its THC content has been measured at levels ranging from 15% to a staggering 28%.

Absolute Extract Blackberry Cart sets itself apart with exceptionally large, chunky flowers. These buds have a roughly spherical shape and an internal structure that leans more indica than sativa, with small leaves that twist tightly inward. The leaves themselves are a mild shade of yellowish green and are shot through with curly orange pistils. Finally, parent strain Super Silver Haze passes on its propensity for high trichome production, coating these green nuggets in cloudy, resinous secretions that make them very difficult to break up by hand.

Unsurprisingly, Blackberry Dream’s flowers give off the unmistakable aroma of tart and sweet berries. A closer whiff, meanwhile, may pick up on some light citrus notes. Grinding up or breaking apart these solid flowers yields more of a skunky, almost fermented odor that may tickle the palate. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Blackberry Dream burns with a smooth, light smoke that’s typically easy on the lungs. On the exhale, this smoke tastes fruity and tangy.

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